Oh Boy….

I have been reading non stop, but I have neglected to write my reviews mostly because I am trying to get the house sorted in order to put it on the market and move a bit further north west. I live in a really nice house but I am not pleased with its location… I love gardening and being outside in the summer sitting in the shade with a cool drink and a good book…. Can’t do that here as it’s just too noisy from traffic noise! 

Anyhow, I have read about thirty and I am not kidding but thirty books since last dinner and a book review so I am going to try to get them all out… Here is a pic of my iPad…. My kindle which has 576 books on it has started to act up so now I’m using my iPad much more for reading.


As you can see…. There’s one page and here we are now…. 


Also I might add that the storage on my iPad is starting to get cranky lol… They are all read and finished either on here on on my phone or kindle…. I’m starting to think I need help! 

There have been some brilliant giveaways that I have entered and consequently received a books to my delight, I just love the fact that the authors do this! I have entered into a community of Janites and Austen lovers to which I never really knew existed as intensely as my love of Austen!  I am truly humbled by it all but am totally loving all the new friends I’ve met through Facebook and blogs! So, let me finish this new book I received from my new friend Rose Fairbanks yesterday called:  No Cause to Respine and paired with a dinner recipe I will review it soon. 

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